English 12 Links

Here are some links that you may find helpful throughout the year.  Some are supplemental information while others are direct links to information covered in class posted for your review.

12th Grade Survey
Anglo-Saxon Lecture
Anglo Saxon Prezi
Grammar Study
Daily Practice
Grammar Guide
Grammar Bytes
Guide to Grammar and Writing; With Quizzes
Grammar Girl
Jeopardy Links
Macbeth Jeopardy
Macbeth Double Jeopardy
Life and Times of William Shakespeare Lecture
Shakespeare Prezi
Persuasive Tactics Lecture
Persuasion Tactics Prezi
Post High School Projects

This link will take you to a different site that contains all the Post High School Group Handouts

Project Links
Reading Lists
Good Reads
College Bound Students
Research and Essay Writing
Best Free MLA Guide
Writing an Essay
Research Databases
Guide to Writing Common App essays
The Book Thief
Historical Perspective of The Book Thief
Unmasked Project