About the Teacher




NAME: Lisa Denomme

SCHOOL: Sterling Heights High School

CLASS: AP English Lang & Comp; English 12

SCHOOL PHONE: 586-825-2700 x. 14601


You will find that I am a fairly open person, so if you ever have any questions--whether they are about me, the material we are studying, or life in 
general--please feel free to ask.

I graduated from Warren Mott High School in 1994 and received a Presidential Award to Wayne State University, where
I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a major in English and a minor in Speech.
I continued my education at Saginaw Valley State University where I earned a Master's Degree in Secondary Education. 

I have been teaching English at SHHS since 1999.  I also taught Drama and directed plays for the first twelve years before
budget cuts forced the district to cut the program.  You will find, however, that I enjoy the theater and find ways to
incorporate it into my classroom. :)

I have been married for twenty years and have an eleven-year-old son, Austin, about whom you will hear many stories
because he is awesome!  He plays piano and is a competitive gymnast, so my day-to-day life is often
consumed by his activities.

I spend my summers hanging out with family, napping, and walking (though I just this summer took up running!).  I also am an avid
 reader (shocking, huh?); I read every night before going to bed, and I am always looking for suggestions. 

I also have several idiosyncracies that you will learn quickly on your own, but if you want to know them now, 
here they are:
    *I have thankfully broken my addiction to Coke Slurpees, but I wouldn't object to one here and there (hint, hint)
    *I have several pet peeves, but the top ones are rudeness, incorrect use of the word "like," disrespect, 
     and ambivalence
    *I am strangely obsessed with Snoopy
    *I am very close to my family.  My mother was born and raised in Belgium, and I'm very proud of my cultural heritage (did you 
      know that The Smurfs and "french" fries are both Belgian creations?). I have even included a few of the pictures from my vacations (which 
      included Belgium, Paris, London, and Stratford, Ontario ), so feel free to glance through them in the Photo Gallery tab.
    *I have a terrible voice, but I sing often, so be warned!
    *I am insecure to a fault

My Philosophy

As an educator, I believe that all students can learn, demonstrate concern for others, and choose to act responsibly in 
the classroom.  My goals as a teacher are to help all students learn to the best of their abilities, become responsible citizens,
and work effectively with others.  I believe that it is each student’s responsibility to make our classroom one where everyone 
feels safe and free from the threat of ridicule or teasing.  I work with the students to create an environment that encourages 
mutual respect, cooperation, and constructive criticism while still allowing the students a sense of freedom.