Helpful Links
Below are links to various websites that you may find useful or important
throughout the year.  Check them out when necessary or in your free time.
Book Recommendations
Here are some websites with some good suggestions for books for college-bound learners.
Arrowhead Library
Goodreads 101 Great Books
For Fun...
Here are some general websites that you may find interesting, enlightening, or entertaining.
The Most and Least Trusted News Sources
The Onion (A risque satirical site)
The Vlog Brothers (John and Hank Green)
Media Bias
College Board--Getting Ready for College
Here are some websites that may help you with grammar basics.
Grammar Girl
Grammar Bytes
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Daily Grammar Archive
SAT Reading
Synthesis Essay
Here are some sites to help you with research when necessary.
Michigan eLibrary
A Research Guide for Students
OWL Purdue MLA Formatting Guide
Rhetoric Videos
Greta Thunberg Speech
Ronald Reagan's Challenger Speech
Rhetorical Modes
Modes of Discourse
Substitute Teacher
Totino's SNL commercial
Ellen Bic Pen for her
Stop and Frisk Law
The Daily Show
The Washington Post
The Onion
Political Cartoon