AP Lang Agenda
Week of 01/20-01/24
MONDAY Martin Luther King Jr. Day--No School
TUESDAY Class time to work on descriptive essay (Due Friday); HOMEWORK: Read "Another Copter's Com'n In, Cap'n" (Tiede) and "Shooting an Elephant" (Orwell); highlight in one color objective description and in another color subjective description; underline and label any rhetorical devices; summarize the dominant impression
WEDNESDAY Discuss "Another Copter's Com'n In, Cap'n" and "Shooting an Elephant" with a focus on objective and subjective description, selection of detail, use of rhetoric, and dominant impression; HOMEWORK: Complete rough draft of descriptive essay
THURSDAY Peer evaluation of rough drafts; class time to edit draft of descriptive essays; HOMEWORK: Complete final draft of descriptive essay
FRIDAY Descriptive essay due; review "America Needs Its Nerds" RA prompt; examine two writing AP MC questions


Week of 1/06-1/10

MONDAY Review past rhetorical strategies test, review rhetorical strategies 25-33, review PPC 2; HOMEWORK: Read and annotate "The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society" (Kozol) and create entry ticket that lists and develops three strategies Kozol uses to convey his message; study rhetorical strategies 34-40.
TUESDAY Discuss Kozol's "Human Cost of an Illiterate Society" with a focus on SOAPSTone elements, message, and use of strategies; review strategies 34-40; HOMEWORK: Read "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space"; study strategies 41-48
WEDNESDAY Discuss "Just Walk on By" (Staples) with a focus on Staples' methods and message; review strategies 41-48
THURSDAY Introduce Smiley-Face Essay (See AP Lang Handouts for rubric and sample), due 1/22; review and study day for tomorrow's test on strategies 25-48; HOMEWORK: Study for tomorrow's Rhetorical Strategies Test 2
FRIDAY Rhetorical Strategies test 2; HOMEWORK: Review for AP Lang Midterm (See AP Lang Handouts for list of review materials)


Week of 12/16-12/20

MONDAY ICW: Fridman, 2008 Form B; HOMEWORK: Study Rhetorical Strategies 25-29; read "How It Feels to be Colored Me" (Hurston); be prepared for Kaboom game tomorrow
TUESDAY Class discussion of "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" with a focus on Hurston's use of metaphors and imagery and her purpose.
WEDNESDAY Class time to read "On Dumpster Diving" (Eighner) and complete rhetorical precis; HOMEWORK: Complete reading of "On Dumpster Diving" and rhetorical precis
THURSDAY Discussion of "On Dumpster Diving" with a focus on Eighner's structure, use of strategies, and underlying message
FRIDAY 1/2 Day: Study day; HOMEWORK OVER BREAK: Study for Rhetorical Strateiges Test 2


Week of 12/09-12/13

MONDAY Review notes for Rhetorical Analysis; review Silent Spring passage and essay; HOMEWORK: Analyze 2018 RA released prompt (Mt. Holyoke) using MME technique; write a working thesis statement
TUESDAY Continue review of Silent Spring passage; review sample essay responses using new rubric; begin group analysis of 2018 RA prompt; HOMEWORK: Complete RA analysis chart
WEDNESDAY Continue analysis of 2018 prompt with a focus on the rhetorical context, Albright's message to her audience, and Albright's methods of persuasion; HOMEWORK: Read sample essay responses and score using new rubric
THURSDAY Analyze sample essay responses and evaluate each using new rubric; HOMEWORK: Review all RA essay notes in preparation for tomorrow's in class essay
FRIDAY In-Class Essay: Rhetorical Analysis; HOMEWORK: fill a paper bag with items that you think represent you (may be /should be abstract in nature)


Week of 12/2-12/6

MONDAY Modern Proposal projects due; Presenations begin (see AP Lang Handouts for schedule); Assign Vocabulary Chapter 3 Groups 1-5 (Exercises 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7 and unified paragraph, due Friday).
TUESDAY Modern Proposal presentations continue
WEDNESDAY Modern Proposal presentations continue; Begin satire film study: Clue
THURSDAY Continue satire film study: Clue
FRIDAY Finish satire unit with conclusion of film study: Clue; discuss elements of satire, including humor/wit, irony, farce/parody.


Week of 11/18-11/22

MONDAY Discuss "I Want a Wife" with a focus on Brady's use of satire to convey her message to her audience; HOMEWORK: Read "A Modest Proposal" (Swift) with a focus on Swift's use of satire
TUESDAY Begin discussion of Swift's "Modest Proposal" with a focus on Swift's use of satirical elements and rhetoric; HOMEWORK: Review Rhetorical Strategies 15-20
WEDNESDAY Review Strategies 15-20; continue discussion of Swift's proposal with a focus on the 6 additional benefits of the proposal along with the "other expedients" not worth trying; introduce Modern Proposal project (due 12/2); HOMEWORK: Review strategies 21-24
THURSDAY Discuss Strategies 21-24; Class time to work on Modern Proposal Project
FRIDAY Class time to work on Modern Proposal Project; HOMEWORK: Study for Rhetorical Strategies Test 1 (Monday)


Week of 11/11-11/15

MONDAY Assign Vocabulary Group 2.4 (Exercises 2.19-2.22 plus paragraph);
WEDNESDAY No School--Homework: Complete Common Lit sign up and assignment (See AP Lang Handouts for Instructions)
THURSDAY Introduce satire with notes, readings, and video examples; brainstorm: "What is a wife's role in a marriage?" (See AP Lang Handouts and Links tabs for material); HOMEWORK: Read and annotate "I Want a Wife" (Brady) with a focus on Brady's use of satire.
FRIDAY 1/2 Day--Practice AP M/C Passage and SSR time


Week of 11/04-11/08

MONDAY Discuss "Why I Write: Making No Become Yes" and "Mother Tongue" with a focus on the rhetorical situation, message, and use of rhetoric in each piece; HOMEWORK: Read assigned partner's practice RA essay and evaluate and edit using the Peer Edit form; be prepared to discuss with partner on Wednesday.
TUESDAY No School--Election Day
WEDNESDAY Review practice RA essay responses to Barry's scientific research prompt; with partner, read and attack new RA prompt (Price's "Plastic Pink Flamingo") with a focus on MME steps; HOMEWORK: Study for Vocabulary Test 1 (2.1-2.3) on Thursday and for RA ICW on Friday
THURSDAY Vocabualry Test 1 (Lists 2.1-2.3)
FRIDAY In-Class Writing--Rhetorical Analysis


Week of 10/28-11/1

MONDAY Continue analysis of released RA Prompt (2005B: John M. Barry's Mississippi River) with a continued focus on MME analytical technique; practice thesis writing; group body paragraph; HOMEWORK: Read, evaluate, and score sample essay responses
TUESDAY Review sample essay responses; highlight key aspects (positive and negative) from each piece; HOMEWORK: Study Rhetorical Devices 8-14
WEDNESDAY Review strategies 8-14; Review MME/ICE Prezi and complete talk-aloud of Lord Chesterfield's "Dear Boy" RA passage; HOMEWORK: Review all previous Rhetorical Analysis materials to prepare for tomorrow's practice ICW
THURSDAY Practice Rhetorical Analysis; HOMEWORK: Read "Why I Write" (Wiesel) and "Mother Tongue"; complete a SOAPSTone on either one and a Rhetorical Precis on the other (RP will be graded)--Due Monday
FRIDAY 1/2 Day: Practice M/C Passage


Week of 10/21-10/25

MONDAY Continue introduction to the MME rhetorical analysis technique with an excerpt from Capote's In Cold Blood; discuss prompt analysis, formulation of a "What?" question, and the initial read-through of the passage
TUESDAY Continue MME analysis of Capote's passage; discuss analysis of Capote's view of Holcomb and his use of rhetoric, with a focus on rhetorical effect of strategies in relation to the author's message; "attack" new prompts and analyze for context, exigence, audience, and "What?" question; HOMEWORK: Draft an introductory paragraph and thesis  statement in response to In Cold Blood prompt.
WEDNESDAY Review sample essay responses and discuss chronological organization of essay; HOMEWORK: Read released 2005 Form B AP Prompt (The Mississippi River, John M. Barry) and complete all analytical steps
THURSDAY Complete first PPC Unit 1 online; review released AP prompt with a focus on MME technique; HOMEWORK: Read and study Rhetorical Strategies 8-14 with a focus on rhetorical function.
FRIDAY Review Rhetorical Strategies 8-14 with a focus on rhetorical function; Prezi on MME review and ICE strategy introduction; HOMEWORK: read new RA prompt and complete MME/ICE Handout (See AP Lang Handouts).


Week of 10/14-10/18

MONDAY Teach Back presentations and discussion of "How to Write with Style," "How to Write Clearly," "Clutter," "Polaroids," and "On Writing"; HOMEWORK: Read "Rhetorical Modes" handout (see AP Lang Links tab) and rhetorical devices 1-7 (see AP Lang Handouts).
TUESDAY Review Rhetorical Precis from "The Gettysburg Address"; read and review rhetorical modes handout and rhetorical devices 1-7; HOMEWORK: Read "Sh***y First Drafts" and complete rhetorical precis (due Thursday).
WEDNESDAY Because half of 3rd hour will be absent for MMSTC PSAT, both hours will have class time to work on Vocabulary and Rhetorical Precis with teacher assistance if necessary.
THURSDAY Rhetorical Precis due; discuss "Sh***y First Drafts" with a focus on LaMott's message to writers and her rhetorical moves; introduce MME analysis technique with an excerpt from Truman Capote's In Cold Blood; discuss prompt analysis, formulation of a "What?" question, and the initial read-through of a passage.
FRIDAY PEP RALLY DAY--Vocabulary #2 due (Activities 2.7-2.10 + paragraph); Practice M/C AP Passage; discussion of Rhetorical Devices 1-7 (3rd hour); class time to work on homework.


Week of 10/07-10/11

MONDAY Read and discuss "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by e.e. cummings (See AP Lang Handouts tab) with an analytical focus on syntax, diction, and purpose
TUESDAY Continue discussion of "anyone lived in a pretty how town" with a focus on applying cumming's message to society today; HOMEWORK: Group Learn and Share: students assigned one of four pieces ("How to Write with Style" & "How to Write Clearly," "Clutter," "Polaroids," or "On Writing") to read and analyze
WEDNESDAY Group Learn and Share: based on yesterday's assigned reading, students will get into groups and create a "Teach Back" poster in which they offer an analysis of the rhetorical situation, the author's message, and the author's style
THURSDAY Continue Teach Back presentations; online registration of AP Class and completion of first PPC; HOMEWORK: Read "Sh***y First Drafts" and complete a rhetorical precis (due Monday)
FRIDAY  Practice AP M/C Reading passage


Week of 09/30-10/04

MONDAY Introduce Vocabulary Assignment #1 (due Friday); complete Hocked Gems activity; HOMEWORK--Read Chapter 2: Close Reading: The Art and Craft of Analysis through page 47 and prepare for discussion
TUESDAY Discuss Chapter 2 with a focus on analysis of style; review the Rhetorical Precis analysis approach; read "The Ugly Truth about Beauty" (Barry) and complete class precis; HOMEWORK: Read "The Gettysburg Address" and complete rhetorical precis.
WEDNESDAY Multimodal examination of NYC's "Stop and Frisk Law"; sources include The Washington Post, The Daily Show, political cartoon, and The Onion (see AP Links tab)
THURSDAY Quiz on Chapters 1 & 2; Class time to work on Vocabulary
FRIDAY Vocabulary Assignment #1 due; begin reading and discussing "anyone lived in a pretty how town" (See AP Handouts tab) with a focus on analyzing syntax, style, and purpose


Week of 09/23-09/27

MONDAY Socratic Circle--Student led discussion of Lord of the Flies (See AP Lang Handouts for question document)
TUESDAY Prezi Presentation of Chapter 12 with a focus on significant events, ironies, parallels, characterization, and themes; EXIT TICKET: Final thoughts on Lord of the Flies; HOMEWORK: Actively read "An Introduction to Rhetoric" and be prepared to review material
WEDNESDAY Discuss "An Introduction to Rhetoric" with a focus on key terms (rhetoric, context, purpose, assertion) and rhetorical triangle in terms of appeals and key elements
THURSDAY Review key elements from previous day's discussion; view Malala Yousafzai's UN speech and analyze exigence and purpose
FRIDAY Multimodal examination of Stop and Frisk Law to review elements of the rhetorical situation; HOMEWORK: Read and annotate "6 Reading Habits to Develop (Harvard Library)"


Week of 09/16-09/20

MONDAY Complete close reading analysis of Chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies; HOMEWORK: Study for test on Chapters 7-12 of Lord of the Flies
TUESDAY Test on Chapters 7-12 of Lord of the Flies; Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on Ralph's realizations, the "sign" from the grown ups, the beast's changing meaning, and the growing breach between the boys.
WEDNESDAY Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on the monumental split, the hunt, the Lord of the Flies, Simon's conversation, the next feast, the dance, and the resurrection.
THURSDAY Practice SAT--5th Hour will complete district wpt
FRIDAY 1/2 Day--3rd Hour will complete district wpt


Week of 09/09-09/13

MONDAY Review Character and Symbol Charts for Lord of the Flies; focus on physical description, traits, leadership qualities of various characters and role in the novel
TUESDAY Discussion of Lord of the Flies with a continued focus on characters, historical context, and significant events of chapter 1 (plane crash, finding the conch, electing a chief, exploring, finding a piglet)
WEDNESDAY Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on significant events of Chapters 2 & 3 (the first fire, the little boy with the birthmark, life on the island, building huts, Ralph & Jack's tension, Simon's place)
THURSDAY Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on significant events of Chapters 4 & 5 (the hunt, the mask, the ship, Ralph's anger, the beast)
FRIDAY Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on significant events of Chapter 6 (the sign, the aftermath, the search); discuss significant themes encountered thus far (Need for society/security, fear of the unknown); HOMEWORK: Complete reading of novel and be prepared for reading test on Chapters 7-12 on Monday


Week of 09/02-09/06

Monday Labor Day; No School
Tuesday 1/2 Day; Index Cards, Getting to Know You
Wednesday Class policies, syllabus, getting to know you activity; HOMEWORK: Read "A Short Guide..." and be prepared to discuss additional expectations of students and teacher.
Thursday Seating Chart; Review questions regarding class policies and expectations; Discuss reactions and responses to "A Short Guide..."; Complete exit ticket with one "takeaway" from the reading; HOMEWORK: Study and prepare for test on Lord of the Flies; Chapters 1-6 (focus on plot, character, theme, and symbols)
Friday Test on Lord of the Flies, Chapters 1-6; HOMEWORK: Prepare for discussion of major characters (physical descriptions, traits, leadership qualities, significance to the story) using assigned character chart.