AP Lang Agenda
Week of 05/20-05/24
Monday Junior Jump Start with Oakland University
Tuesday Class time to work on Argumentative Research Essay; HOMEWORK: Read "Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life" with a focus on Koch's argumentative style and handling of the opposition (See AP Lang Handouts for copy)
Wednesday Discuss "Death and Justice"; class time to work on Argumentative Research Essay; HOMEWORK: Study for Vocabulary Test #5 (lessons 9-10)
Thursday Vocabulary Test #5 (Lessons 9-10); class time to work on Argumentative Research Essay
Friday 1/2 Day--Class time to work on Argumentative Research Essay


Week of 05/13-05/17

Monday Review R/A essay prompt (2013)
Tuesday Review general tips, strategies, and suggestions for tomorrow's AP test
Wednesday AP EXAM--GOOD LUCK!!
Thursday Introduction to Junior Jump Start as well as the Argumentative Research Essay (See AP Lang Handouts)
Friday Class time to meet with partner and begin initial discussions of Research Topic; HOMEWORK: Begin paragraph of intent; Study for Vocabulary Test #5 (Lists 9 & 10) on Thursday


Week of 05/06-05/10

Monday Multiple Choice practice test review
Tuesday Review Synthesis essay; examine new synthesis essay prompt (Locavore 2011)
Wednesday ICW--Synthesis (2010)
Thursday Review of Argument essay; examine new argumentative prompt
Friday ICW--TBD


Week of 04/29-05/03

Monday Review released argumentative prompts with a focus on determining direction and selecting appropriate and specific pieces of support
Tuesday Continue review of released argumentative prompts with a focus on determining direction and selecting appropriate and specific pieces of support; begin discussion of structure and format
Wednesday Examine sample essay responses to previous prompts and analyze structure, argument, and support; HOMEWORK: Review all argument notes in preparation for tomorrow's in-class essay
Thursday ICE--Argument
Friday 1/2 Day--Teacher appreciation activities


Week of 4/22-4/26

Monday Quick Write; Examine sample essay responses to space synthesis prompt; Synthesis Prezi; HOMEWORK: Read and annotate new synthesis prompt; complete intro with thesis and single body paragraph
Tuesday Examine student samples of introductions and body paragraphs and offer appropriate critiques and corrections; HOMEWORK: Read and evaluate sample essay responses
Wednesday In-Class Essay: Synthesis
Thursday Examine varied argumentative prompts and rubric with a focus on task and technique
Friday Examine and evaluate sample essay responses


Week of 4/8-4/12

Monday Review Logical Fallacies with a focus on definition, recognition, and effect; HOMEWORK: Complete fallacy homework packet (due Friday)
Tuesday SAT--Good Luck...and remember: You're MORE than a number!
Wednesday ACT Work Keys
Thursday Report to Media Center: Introduction to Synthesis Essay; read and attack prompt, read and annotate sources, complete source grid in small groups; HOMEWORK: Complete source grid; complete fallacy packet
Friday Review Synthesis essay prompt and sources; discuss appropriate method of attack; HOMEWORK: Read and score sample essays


Week of 3/25-3/29

Monday Discuss Chapter 4 (Argument) with a focus on Rogerian argument, types of evidence, and organization; assign Vocabulary Lesson #10 (due Thursday)
Tuesday Continue discussion of Chapter 4 with a focus on Logical Fallacies; discuss "Lasting Impression" (Shapiro) and "Perspective" (Sherman) with a focus on argumentative style and effectiveness; HOMEWORK: Study for Chapter Quiz (Thursday); complete SAT Reading practice; complete Logical Fallacies Practice (Due Thursday)
Wednesday Quick Write; Review SAT Reading test
Thursday Quiz on Chapter 4; Introduction to the Synthesis Essay
Friday 1/2 Day: Practice M/C AP Passage; HOMEWORK over Break: Read and Annotate first Synthesis packet

Week of 3/18-3/22

Monday Review SAT Reading Strategies
Tuesday Review SAT Reading Strategies
Wednesday Review SAT Reading Strategies
Thursday Assign Reading from Little Brown Reader: Chapter 4--Argument (pg. 72-83, 86-91, 97-104)
Friday Class time to complete reading assignment; HOMEWORK: Complete reading, including additional Logical Fallacies Handout (See AP Lang Handouts for file...don't do the attached assignment yet); complete SAT Reading practice test by Wednesday


Week of 3/11-3/15

Monday Continue discussion of "Consider the Lobster" with a focus on David Foster Wallace's use of footnotes, message, and overall style; introduction to indefinite pronouns; HOMEWORK: Complete Indefinite Pronouns handout (see AP Lang Handouts tab); complete Vocabulary Lesson #9
Tuesday Review Indefinite Pronouns; begin review of SAT Reading section Prezi
Wednesday Continue Prezi review with added practice from released SAT test
Thursday 1/2 Day for PTC--Full Length Practice AP M/C Test
Friday Vocabulary Lesson #9 Due; finish SAT Reading review


Week of 3/04-3/08

Monday Vocabulary Test #4 (Lessons 7-8); HOMEWORK: Complete reading of Consider the Lobster and write a rhetorical precis.
Tuesday Practice SAT essay writing (50 minutes...Eliana Dockterman)
Wednesday Peer review and analysis of SAT essay
Thursday Discuss "Consider the Lobster" with a focus on David Foster Wallace's message, use of footnotes, and overall style
Friday 1/2 Day--Practice AP M/C passage; HOMEWORK: Review past SAT Reading section in preparation for next week's work


Week of 2/25-3/01

Monday Vocabulary Test #4 (Lessons 7-8) scheduled for next Monday; review SAT essay test through re-exam of Fall District Writing Performance Task with a focus on student growth in writing and analysis; grammar study: pronoun case and function; HOMEWORK: Complete Pronoun Case practice; read and analyze new SAT essay prompt (see AP Handouts)
Tuesday Review Pronoun Case practice; Grammar Study: Indefinite Pronouns; review new SAT essay prompt with a focus on author's use of strategy to construct an argument; HOMEWORK: Indefinite Pronoun practice; complete rhetorical precis introductory paragraph
Wednesday Review Indefinite Pronoun practice; review precis intros; review MME, rhetorical triangle, and general structure
Thursday Read and review sample essay responses
Friday Practice SAT essay with peer grading; HOMEWORK: Read "Consider the Lobster" and complete a rhetorical precis (due Tuesday); Study for Monday's Vocabulary Test #4


Week of 2/4-2/8

Monday Assign Vocabulary Lesson #7 (due Friday with paragraph); 2 practice AP M/C passages, 1 pre-20th century and 1 with notes; HOMEWORK: Read "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" (Hurston) and complete rhetorical precis (PLEASE REVIEW ALL PRECIS NOTES!)
Tuesday Quick write: Would you rather be a staple or a paper clip?; discuss Hurston's "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" with a focus on Hurston's message and her use of language; HOMEWORK: Read and analyze John James Audobon/Annie Dillard RA prompt (2003)
Wednesday Review MME and ICE techniques with new AP RA Prompt (Dillard/Audobon) with a focus on analysis of rhetorical method as well as essay response organization
Thursday Review sample essay responses to Audobon/Dillard prompt in preparation to write in-class RA essay tomorrow; HOMEWORK: Review all previous RA prompts and notes; Lesson 7 Vocab due
Friday Lesson 7 due; In-class essay (50 minute time limit)


Week of 12/3-12/7

Monday Review "America Needs Its Nerds" RA prompt and read sample essay responses; 
Tuesday Read sample essay responses to "America Needs Its Nerds" and evaluate each response using the 9-point AP rubric; discuss rationale for each score; HOMEWORK:  Review strategies 25-30 and read "Me Talk Pretty One Day" (Sadaris) and be prepared to review the precis format using the text (See link to a copy of the text in AP Lang Links)
Wednesday Discuss "Me Talk Pretty One Day" with a focus on the rhetorical function of the various strategies Sedaris uses; HOMEWORK: Review strategies 31-36; read and analyze new RA Prompt: "Magna-Soles"
Thursday Review strategies 31-36; Review MME and ICE techniques in terms of released RA prompt from The Onion
Friday ICW--RA Essay


Week of 11/26-11/30

Monday Modern Proposal Projects Due; Presentations begin
Tuesday Presentations Continue
Wednesday Presentations Conclude
Thursday Begin film study of Clue: The Movie to conclude unit on satire
Friday Continue film study of Clue: The Movie to conclude unit on satire; discuss elements of satire, including humor/wit, irony, farce/parody.


Week of 11/19-11/23

Monday Vocabulary Test 2
Tuesday 1/2 Day--Practice M/C AP Passage; Operation Gratitude
Wednesday Thanksgiving Break
Thursday Happy Thanksgiving!!
Friday Thanksgiving Break; HOMEWORK: Complete Modern Proposal project (essay and presentation); due Monday, 11/26


Week of 11/12-11/16

Monday Discuss Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" with a focus on satirical elements, Swift's purpose, and Swift's use of rhetoric; HOMEWORK: Review Rhetorical Strategies 19-24 and begin studying for test on Strategies 1-24 (Friday) and Vocabulary Test 2 (Monday)
Tuesday Review strategies 19-24; continue discussion of Swift's "Proposal" with a focus on the 6 additional benefits of the proposal along with the "other expedients" not worth trying; review directions for A Modern Proposal project (due 11/26)
Wednesday Class time to work on Modern Proposal Project
Thursday Class time to work on Modern Proposal Project; HOMEWORK: Study for Rhetorical Strategies Test 1 (1-24)
Friday Rhetorical Strategies Test 1; HOMEWORK: Study for Vocabulary Test 2 (Monday)


Week of 11/5-11/9

Monday Assign Vocabulary Lesson 4; review ICW from Friday; HOMEWORK: Read and annotate "I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady (See AP Lang Links for copy)
Tuesday Voting Day--No School
Wednesday Discuss Brady's satirical piece "I Want a Wife" and play Kaboom as a means to dig deeper into message and use of rhetoric.
Thursday Review satire and its elements; HOMEWORK: Actively read and annotate "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathon Swift (Due Monday...See AP Lang Links for copy)
Friday 1/2 Day--Practice AP M/C Reading


Week of 10/29-11-2

Monday Rhetorical Precis for "Bilingualism in America" due; discuss piece with a focus on Hayakawa's message and rhetorical methods, particularly his appeals; discuss sample essay responses to the Barry RA prompt ("The Mississippi") with a focus on using the rubric as a means to score holistically; assign Vocab Lesson 3 (due Friday)
Tuesday Review of MME-ICE Prezi; Think-Aloud of Lord Chesterfield's letter to his son with teacher-led MME technique (2004 released RA Prompt); HOMEWORK: Read and study strategies 19-24
Wednesday Review strategies 19-24 with a focus on definition and rhetorical function; in-class essay practice: Thesis, body paragraph, transitions
Thursday Read and evaluate sample essay responses to Chesterfield prompt; HOMEWORK: Complete Vocabulary Lesson 3; review all MME materials
Friday ICW--TBA


Week of 10/22-10/26

Monday Review Strategies 13-18 with a focus on definition and rhetorical purpose; review 9-point AP R/A rubric with a focus on anchor scores; read and analyze two sample essay responses to the Capote prompt using the rubric as a guide; HOMEWORK: Read and analyze Anne Lamott's "Sh***y First Drafts"
Tuesday Discuss "Sh*** First Drafts" with a focus on her message and rhetorical methods; MME and ICE review with Prezi; HOMEWORK: Read released R/A prompt (Lord Chesterfield's "Dear Boy) and complete MME strategy
Wednesday Teacher-led read-and-think-aloud of Lord Chesterfield's letter to his son; teacher led model of essay response; HOMEWORK: Study for Vocabulary Test tomorrow (Lists 1 & 2); Read "Bilingualism in America" and complete a rhetorical precis (typed in MLA format--Due Monday)
Thursday Vocabulary Test 1
Friday Half-Day: Practice M/C AP Passage; Scattegories


Week of 10/15-10/19

Monday Quiz on "Introduction to Rhetoric" Chapter; review and discuss strategise 7-12; HOMEWORK: Review Capote's "In Cold Blood" RA passage and be prepared to discuss Capote's message
Tuesday Review Capote's message and begin style analysis, with a focus on tone, structure, and selection of detail; HOMEWORK Examine additional prompts with a focus on key verbs and writing a "What?" question
Wednesday Review prompt analysis homework, using student example os "What?" questions; begin discussion of how to approach the writing with a focus on thesis statement and body paragraph; HOMEWORK: Read and study Strategies 13-18
Thursday Review strategies 13-18 with a focus on rhetorical function; class time to write working thesis and one body paragraph; HOMEWORK: Complete paragraph
Friday Pep Rally Day--Practice AP M/C Passage and Scattegories practice


Week of 10/08-10/12

Monday Review rhetorical modes and classical model for argumentative essays; review "The Gettysburg Address" in relation to the rhetorical precis model.
Tuesday Group Learn and Share: Three groups assigned different pieces ("How to Write with Style," "How to Write Clearly," "Clutter") to read and analyze; each group will compose a "Teach Back" poster in which they offer an analysis of the author's message, purpose, and style; HOMEWORK: Begin studying for Monday's quiz on "Introduction to Rhetoric" chapter; read and review strategies 1-6 in the Rhetorical Handbook
Wednesday Review Rhetorical Strategies 1-6 in the Rhetorical Handbook; introduce MME analysis technique with an excerpt from Truman Capote's In Cold Blood; discuss prompt analysis, formulation of a "What?" question, and the initial read-through of a passage
Thursday Continue MME analysis of In Cold Blood passage; discuss analysis of rhetoric used throughout, focusing on the effect of each strategy as related to the author's message; HOMEWORK: Study for Monday's quiz; complete Vocabulary Lesson 2 packet (due Friday); complete a rhetorical precis for "Bilingualism in America" (due Monday)
Friday 1/2 Day--AP M/C Passage Practice


Week of 10/1-10/5

Monday Introduce Vocabulary Assignment (Lesson 1 due Friday); Continue discussion of appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos in context of the Jody Heyman article, "We Can Afford to Give Parents a Break."
Tuesday Examine the Rhetorical Precis analytical model using "The Ugly Truth about Beauty" (See AP Lang Handouts for copies); HOMEWORK: Read and annotate "The Gettysburg Address" and complete rhetorical precis; read and annotate remainder of "An Introduction to Rhetoric" chapter with a focus on rhetorical modes (both due Friday)
Wednesday Hocked Gems activity and discussion; read and discuss "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by e.e. cummings (see AP Lang Handouts) as a means to further demonstrate the depth writing can have
Thursday Continue discussion of "anyone lived in a pretty how town" with a focus on applying cummings' message to society today; HOMEWORK: Complete Vocabulary Lesson 1; complete rhetorical precis on "The Gettysburg Address"; complete reading of chapter; study for quiz on Rhetoric chapter (Monday)
Friday Correct Vocabulary packets; review precis and make corrections as necessary; discuss modes of discourse; HOMEWORK: Read and anaylze "How to Write with Style" (Vonnegut Jr.) and "How to Write Clearly (Thompson) and be prepared to discuss important suggestions


Week of 9/24-9/28

Monday Discussion of Lord of the Flies Chapters 10 & 11; Prezi presenation of Chapter 12 with a focus on significant events, ironies, parallels, characterization, and themes; HOMEWORK: Actively read "An Introduction to Rhetoric" and be prepared to review material
Tuesday Review "An Introductio to Rhetoric" with a focus on key terms (rhetoric, context, purpose, assertion) and rhetorical triangle in terms of appeals and key elements
Wednesday Review key elements form yesterday's discussion; view Emma Gonzalez's speech after Marjory Douglas school shooting and analyze context and purpose; complete classification activity with quotations from speech; 3-2-1 exit card-- students write down 3 things they learned, 2 questions they have, and 1 piece of feedback
Thursday Practice SAT
Friday District Writing Performance Task


Week of 9/17-9/21

Monday Test on Chapters  7-12 of Lord of the Flies; continue discussion of Chapters 5-6 with a focus on the significance of the beast, Ralph's realizations, the "sign" from the grown ups, and the beast's changing meaning
Tuesday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies, Chapters 7 & 8, with a focus on the growing breach between the boys, the monumental split, the hunt, and the Lord of the Flies; HOMEWORK: Review Socratic Seminar questions in preparation for participation in Seminar group tomorrow
Wednesday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies, Chapters 8 & 9, with a focus on Simon's conversation with the Lord of the Flies, the next feast, the dance, and the resurrection
Thursday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies, Chapters 10 & 11, with a focus on the reaction to the dance, the raid, the confrontation, and the murder
Friday 1/2 Day--AP Exam M/C Practice passage



Week of 9/10-9/14 (daily reading homework)

Monday Seating Chart Activity; discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on characterization (physical description, traits, leadership qualities)
Tuesday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on historical context and significant events (plane crash, exploring, finding a piglet, selecting a chief, the first fire, life on the island)
Wednesday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on significant events (the hunt, the ship, the beast, the sign)
Thursday Continue discussion of Lord of the Flies with a focus on symbols (the conch, the glasses, the beast, the fire, the mask)